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Tenangos, colorful embroideries from the Otomí culture

San Nicolás is a small town in the municipality of Tenango de Doria in the Sierra Otomí-Tepehua, in Hidalgo. This place is known as the cradle of the tenangos, where with each thread they express more of Mexico.

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Embroidery of the Sierra de Hidalgo

From these textiles we can learn more about our culture. Each artisan creates unique designs that tell about their origins and traditions. One of the embroidery that stands out for its beauty and elaboration process are the tenangos, also known as Otomi embroidery.


These are colorful embroidery with patterns of flowers or animals from the area, such as deer, foxes and birds. These are made on different materials, garments and accessories.

Many of the inhabitants of Tenango de Doria are indigenous and dedicate themselves to embroidering tenangos. Initially, women started this activity for their own dresses. But over time, they began to be commercialized. Then, little by little, men also got involved and made textiles a part of their daily life.

What distinguishes the tenangos?

These embroideries appear on many garments, from the simplest to the most formal. Thus, we can see them in sweaters, t-shirts, caps, shirts and in ‘quinceañera’ or wedding dresses. They are also made on wallets, bags, tennis, photo frames and different types of objects.

However, as with most handicrafts, it is necessary to recognize their fair value. And it is that, for each embroidery time is required. For example, for a tablecloth, it can take around three months to create. Furthermore, this all depends on the material and the complexity of the design.


Such is the experience and creativity of the hands that make them that they even admire them in various parts of the world. But, some brands plagiarize the designs. This prevents families from supporting or recognizing the work behind artisans.

So when you visit this place in Hidalgo, we invite you to support local commerce. Remember that it is the main source of income for many families.

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