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Pajarete, revitalizing drink to start the day

Have you tried the pajarete? It is a drink that is taken, mainly, in the rancherias of Jalisco and, generally, in the mornings, and it gives a feeling of satiety and provides a large amount of energy.

Although it is more traditional from Jalisco, the pajarete is also known in Colima and Michoacán.

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Energy drink to start the day

Dairy producers in the region invented the ‘pajarete’ ever since several decades, and over time it became popular. For peasants, the pajarete is a breakfast that fills them with vitality to start the day very early.


Basically, the ‘pajarete’ is prepared with raw milk, that is, from freshly milked cow that does not undergo pasteurization. In addition, it has chocolate, coffee, vanilla, sugar, marzipan and a touch of cane alcohol.

Among the main consumers of the drink are the peasants who work long and hard daily hours. Although it is a drink for adults, alcohol can be removed and thus, children can also drink it. Some older adults also consume it.

Pajarete, a breakfast for workers

For the inhabitants of the rancherias, the pajarete is a very complete breakfast. Every morning they have a glass, as it helps on the sensation of a full stomach. On the other hand, it gives farm workers the energy they need for their day.

Although this type of milk could have bacteria, the cows in the area are well cared for. So it does not represent a risk for those who consume it there. In addition, for the rancherías population, the pajarete is the most traditional and normal.


According to research, this type of milk is of high quality, as it benefits metabolism and strengthens bones. In fact, it provides a large amount of calcium and magnesium. While the rest of the ingredients represent a great dose of energy.

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