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Las Labradas Beach, the rock treasure of Sinaloa

The Sinaloa coastal area shelters a rock treasure of incalculable value. Las Labradas beach gets its name from the art displays on the rocks on its shore.

In addition to being a beautiful beach, Las Labradas offers historical and anthropological value to make your trip an unforgettable experience. It was declared a Zone of Archaeological Monuments on November 30, 2012.

It has more than 600 rock carvings sculpted in rocks of volcanic origin. The carvings are anthropomorphic and zoomorphic representations, as well as geometric figures, among which concentric and spiral circles stand out.

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Las Labradas Beach and its unmeasurable value

According to specialists, some of these rocks were sculpted between AD 750 and 1250. However, there are investigations that indicate that some of the engravings date from the year 3000 BC. C.

Las labradas

It is noteworthy that the rocks have not been very eroded by the waves of the sea. If you walk along the shore you will be able to appreciate the engravings ranging from 10 cm to 1.5 meters long.

In Las Labradas beach you will find services such as parking, toilets, showers and surveillance. In addition to a museum room with archaeological pieces from the area. Please note that there are no hotels nearby, so camping in the surrounding areas may be an option.

In addition to spending a day in contact with the history of humanity, you can enjoy one of the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Pacific.

Las labradas

How to get there?

From Mexico City it will take you about 12 hours on the road. However, you can take a plane that takes you to Mazatlán and from there continue on your way. Once you are in Mazatlán you have to take the highway towards Culiacán.

Continue there until kilometer 51, where you will have to turn towards the town of La Chicayota. There you will find a dirt road that you will continue for about 3 more kilometers. This will take you directly to the Archaeological Zone of rock engravings on Las Labradas beach.


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