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jasmine mosqueta

Jasmine mosqueta, mexican flower for ornamental use

The jasmine mosqueta (Philadelphus mexicanus) is an endemic plant of our country. Its presence is notable in states like Oaxaca, Sinaloa and Veracruz. The first registration of the flower was made in 1896, when the German naturalist Wilhelm Friedrich von Karwinsky von Karwin described its discovery in Totolapa, Oaxaca.

 jasmine mosqueta

Philadelphus mexicanus is usually found in mountain mesophilic forests, about 1,300 meters above sea level. The mosqueta blooms throughout the year and can reach up to about four meters high.

Flower clusters usually have 3 to 31 fragrant flowers (up to 3.5 centimeters) with four yellowish-white petals.

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Uses and care of jasmine mosqueta

The jasmine family (approximately 300 to 500 species) is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia and America. Today its ornamental use is very popular among gardeners.

However, there are also varieties of jasmine that are used to produce fragrances and tea. Its meaning depends on culture. In some Asian countries it symbolizes love and eroticism. While in the Christian tradition it is associated with purity and happiness.

In addition to its beauty, jasmine mosqueta is very popular for its versatility. Being a climbing plant, it is useful for decorating walls and multiple supports. Likewise, it does not have invasive characteristics like other species.

 jasmine mosqueta

Their care is, in a way, simple. Jasmine needs full exposure to sunlight to flourish. They can also be grown in shade, but will not flourish.

Despite being a plant from tropical climates, temperature is not a factor to consider, it can tolerate up to three degrees below zero. It should be watered abundantly every two or three days, here you must be careful with drainage, as it is not a plant that resists waterlogging.

You can use compost to favor the flowers, but it is not essential. Not being an invasive plant, jasmine mosqueta does not only hold on surfaces. So you will need to place props (tutors) for it to grow properly.

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