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Matlazihua, the woman who steals your soul #AyNanita

Oaxaca is a Mexican state that you have to visit at least once in your life, not only for its history and food. But also because of the legends that cover this place. A well-known one is the legend of La Matlazihua, originally from Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, Oaxaca.

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Legend says….

The Matlazihua is part of the Oaxacan culture, it is a soul in pain that appears to men in love, and to those who are mezcal drinkers.


This mythical being is said to be a beautiful woman who calls and flirts with men in love or alcoholics. When she shows up, it calls you and wraps you in a nopal smoke curtain. Which is very intense and impossible to get out. Well, this spell forces you to walk and loses you.

Some people describe Matlazihua as a mixed-race woman, with cinnamon colored skin, fine features, seductive, young, black eyes and penetrating gaze. Her hair is curly, her lips are carmine red and of medium height.

It is said that she can be seen under the dim light of the lanterns of the Historic Center of Oaxaca, between 1 and 3 in the morning. Walk in the shadows. Some say she has no feet and others say she walks on black lamb feet.

Be aware of the Matlazihua!

If you visit Oaxaca and hear a The Matlazihua took it!’ Do not panic, it is a very popular expression that is part of the Oaxacan language.

Of course, do not be fooled by the Matlazihua, who appears at any moment behind you and drags you to the places where huizache plants grow. Known for their strong smell and thorns.


If you visit Oaxaca make sure to drink a lot of mezcal so you don’t feel afraid. Two glasses for the scare, three to avoid seeing the Matlazihua and six in case she takes you and you don’t get home to sleep. In addition to taking a liter and a half for the remedy.

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