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Dry pozole, a traditional dish by accident

In each state of the Mexican Republic there is a different version of the traditional Mexican dishes that we already know. An example of this is the Manzanillo, Colima, dry pozole, a traditional dish of the state.

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The birth of the dry pozole

The birth of this dish came accidentally, it is said that a lady from Manzanillo forgot that she kept the pozole on the coals. So the caldillo began to evaporate. From there, the dry pozole spread through the city and the state successfully, accompanied with toast.

dry pozole

And although we know that the pozole is not easy to prepare, dry pozole is less complicated to cook. For this reason, here we leave you the recipe and the ingredients you need.


500 gr. Nixtamalized corn

500 gr. Pig head

1/2 piece Onion

300 gr. Solid pork

Grain salt

20 ml. Oil

30 gr. Dried tree chili

1 clove Garlic

1 gr. Dried oregano

100 ml. Pozole broth

50 gr. Lard







Cook the meat and grain with plenty of water for about two hours or until meat is tender and grain burst.

Then fry the chiles de arbol and the garlic. Then blend with salt, oregano, broth from the pozole and some grains.

Remove some grains from the heat, fry in hot butter and gradually add broth from the pozole. Let reduce.

dry pozole

And ready, you have prepared your dry pozole, you can serve the crumbled meat on toast along with the refried grains. Do not forget to accompany with lemon, radishes, chopped onion and cabbage.

Now you know how to prepare a delicious traditional dry pozole from Manzanillo, Colima.


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