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Tuxca, the delicious artisanal mezcal from Colima

Between Colima and Jalisco there is a very representative drink that is never missing during fairs and novena events. It is the Tuxca, an artisan distillate such as mezcal or aguardiente.

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Tuxca, drink that is born between Colima and Jalisco

For hundreds of years and until today it has been a drink with great value for both states, especially for Colima.


In fact, Tuxca comes from the Nahuatl Tascahuescomatl, which means “empowered barn”, from where the name of Tuxcacuesco comes. This municipality, cradle of drinking, is located in the Sierra de Amula, just between Jalisco and Colima. Other distillate producing towns are Zapotitlán de Vadillo and Tolimán.

Thanks to its distillation method and history, it is part of the identity of the region. And it is that the hot and dry climate is conducive to the production of agave.

Inclusively, some theories propose that the way of making mezcal was born in this area. Little by little it spread to the rest of the country.

Powerful distilled agave flavor

All Tuxca production is completely handmade. It is first cut and ground by hand. It is then baked in cone-shaped pits of volcanic rock. Once the molasses is extracted, it is fermented at a low temperature. At the end, the distillate falls on a wooden surface and a gutter expels it to a clay pot.

It is practically distilled in the same way as mezcal and is obtained from maguey. However, mezcal can only be produced in certain states, since it has a Designation of Origin.


In addition, the flavor of tuxca is different and original and has a soft wood aroma. Another feature of this drink is that it can be made from various species of agave. Some examples are: the cimarrón, Ixtero, Amarillo, among others.

Although it does not have a Denomination of Origin, Tuxca is a very special and emblematic drink of Colima.

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