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Hotel California, the legend of BC #AyNanita

We are sure that you have heard the song Hotel California by the angelina band The Eagles. But did you know that there really is a legend in a hotel with that name in Baja California Sur?

The song was iconic from the 1970s. In 1977 The Eagles won a Grammy for the album featuring the same name. While the single topped the Billboard Hot 100.


The lyrics of the song narrate a surreal experience in which a man spends the night in the hotel where a smell of marijuana is perceived. There he is received by a woman who shows him the way by lighting it with a candle. When he asks for wine, the captain of the bar responds: “We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969.”

At the end the song hints that guests can never leave. There are versions that say Don Henley (guitarist and songwriter of the band) was inspired to write the song when he stayed at the Hotel California in Baja California Sur. However, Henley has stated that he did not know the legend before writing his song.

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The Hotel California exists since 1932. It is located in the Magical Town of Todos Santos, in Baja California Sur. Nowadays many people travel to the place to take a photo on the facade.

Originally the hotel only accommodated guests upstairs because the ground floor was a store. However, the owners have transformed the place to receive visitors who come for the fame of the song and the legend.

If you decide to go to the Hotel we are sure that you will find many things to do. Todos Santos is a Magical Town close to the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by fields and reed beds of the Valle del Pilar.


Welcome to the Hotel California…

The legend tells the story of Mercedes, a spirit that haunts the Hotel California at night. When she appears, she invites the guests a glass of wine, if they accept, the woman serves them and then disappears.

When this happens, the destination of the guests is sealed, and they will never again be able to leave the hotel. It is said that they are trapped in an infinite loop, in which Mercedes returns each night to serve them wine.


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