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Churipo, a typical broth from the Purépecha region

The traditional dishes of each state are a hidden treasure full of Mexican culture. An example of this is churipo. This is a typical broth from the state of Michoacán, specifically from the Purépecha region.

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A broth of tradition and culture

The churipo is usually cooked for big family events. It consists of a red chili caldillo, accompanied by beef and vegetables. In addition, it is accompanied with corundas or tamales de ceniza.


This traditional recipe is said to date back to the revolutionary era, where it used to be prepared at parties and weddings. Even the oldest evidence of the churipo is from José María Morelos y Pavón when, at a meal, he thanked for the ‘guajillo chili broth with corn, chayote, pumpkin, green beans, beef and handmade tortillas.’

So far, it has been discovered that there are different variants of churipo. One of them is the one that is accompanied with any type of meat, with beef being the most common. Another is the one prepared with opossum, pork or chicken meat.

How to prepare the churipo?

Its preparation is not as complicated as it seems. For this reason, we leave you the recipe and everything you need to enjoy it at home.


1 kilo of beef for stew

½ kilo of jerky

4 porous bones

5 chili peppers

3 guajillo peppers

1 bunch of coriander





Corn cob



Salt to taste



Cook the meat with the bone in 4 liters of water, along with the coriander, onion, salt and garlic to taste.Remove the cooked coriander and mix together with the chilies previously plucked, soaked and ground. Boil until the meat is cooked and seasoned.

Begin cutting the zucchini and chayotes in half, and cut the cabbage and corn into small pieces so that they are cooked separately. When they are cooked add them to the broth.

Once you have all the ingredients in the broth, serve on a clay plate. And done! you have a delicious traditional churipo.


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