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iris-billed toucan

Iris-billed toucan, species from the Mexican forests

Mexicans are fortunate to have very unique species, such is the case of the iris-billed toucan, also known as the green-billed toucan. Three different types of toucan species are distributed in Mexico. But this is the greatest of them and it can measure between 50 and 59 cm.

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Mexican diversity

The red/greenish-billed stands out for its peculiar colors, and its plumage is black. While his chest and neck highlights yellow colors. On the other hand, its skin around its eye is green, irises, and blue tarsi.

iris-billed toucan

As for its beak, it stands out for being long and light green with blue, yellow and orange-reddish tones. That is why its name is ‘pico iris’. Its diet is mainly based on fruits. In addition, it usually travels in flocks of six to 12 adults and can be seen in the jungles of southern Mexico, Colombia and western Venezuela.

Toucan of colors

Within the Mexican Republic, the toucan is distributed in areas such as the Huasteca Potosina, Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the Yucatan Peninsula. Its habitat is conserved in forests, medium and tropical forests. Also, riverbanks, lakes and lagoons.

As for its reproduction, it is concentrated in the months of March to June. Likewise, they stand out for raising a single species and remaining mated almost all year round.

Their behavior, like most toucans, is very sociable. It even has the ability to settle in habitats altered by human activity.

iris-billed toucan

Unfortunately, due to its exotic colors, the species of the Iris-billed Toucan is decreasing. However, it is evaluated as Least Concern due to the large size of its population and the wide range of distribution.

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