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Aluxes: the mythical protectors of the Mayan forests

Surely when you hear the word aluxe, you remember the furry companion of the fighter Darkness. However, aluxes are mythological beings of the Mayan culture that protect the jungle and animals.

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Let’s talk about mythologies

Lets go one step at a time. The term that in Spanish we know as aluxe, comes from the Mayan alux. Which means, geniecillo of the forest or millennial dwarf in plural aluxo’b. This was the name that, according to the mythology of the Mayan people, receives the magical entity that inhabits the forests and jungles of southeastern Mexico and part of Belize and Guatemala.


What are aluxes?

According to the mouth to mouth tradition of the Mayan people, aluxes were the first settlers on Earth. And they are even believed to be older than the Sun. According to mythology, these beings are in charge of protecting the Xibalba (underworld).

As protective entities, they must be asked for permission to enter the forest, this will prevent, with their powers, unleash misfortunes. The Mayan representation of the aluxes is that of old men of short stature and indigenous features. However, some legends describe them as clay dwarfs with childlike features.

Popular beliefs

The aluxes are fantastic and mischievous entities. These beings roam among the cornfields at night to take care of the jungle and animals. When someone invades their territory, they are present with laughter, shadows and change things.


Some think that the aluxes are intimately linked to agriculture. Since they appear when the peasants make corn offerings, in exchange, the magical beings will take care of their harvest. They will call the rain and they will watch the fields at night.

Other beliefs say that the aluxes stop in some places in search of offerings. If they do not get them they will wreak havoc and make all kinds of mischief. However, if your demands are met, it will protect the place and bring good luck.


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