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Jalapeños stuffed with cheese #MeatlessMonday

For #MeatlessMonday like today, we want to use an ingredient that represents Mexicans internationally: chili. So we will prepare some jalapeños stuffed with cheese, a slightly spicy but tasty recipe.

This option is perfect for parties at home and it is a very Mexican snack. The cheese to fill them can be any you like the most, Oaxaca, Manchego, cream cheese, etc. And if you prefer these to be a more filling snack, you can make them weathered.

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They’ll leave you wanting more

With this recipe you will get a lot of benefit from the chili peppers, as they are beneficial for health. On the one hand, they fight cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, like the flu. And it is that they improve circulation, clear the lungs, and even have analgesic properties.

Jalapeños stuffed with cheese are not complicated to make, and are even quite cheap. However, for them to be not as spicy, they must be deveined well.

Here are the ingredients:

12 jalapeño peppers

500 grams of Oaxaca Cheese (or other cheese you like)


White vinegar

Preparation of the jalapeños

First you have to cut the chiles in the middle and remove the seeds. To avoid snagging your fingers, you can use a spoon or wear gloves.

Then put them in a pot with vinegar and a little salt to remove the spiciness, let them boil for about 10 minutes.

Subsequently, drain and let them cool. After a few minutes, fill the chilies with the cheese you have chosen. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Now put a tray with the chilies. Just wait about 20 more minutes and your cheese-filled jalapeños will be ready.

When serving, keep in mind that some prefer them hot and others not so much. Cheese-stuffed jalapeños can be more than just a snack, they’re also great side dishes for other main dishes. Remember that you can find some other recipes that we have for you in our #MeatlessMonday section to accompany them.

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