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Fried bananas

Fried bananas, sweetness against sadness

Nothing like fried bananas to have a little sweetness after a delicious meal. This dessert is one of the favorites of Mexicans, they are simple to prepare and there are several ingredients that you can add to them. In addition, it is another of the ways of eating ripe plantain in Mexico. So prepare them and forget about any bad thing in your day.

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From ripe banana to sweet banana

Unlike the Tabasco banana, has a bitter taste and is larger. But, when it ripens and its shell turns black it takes on a perfect consistency. And flavor to use in the kitchen.

Fried bananas

With the plantain it is possible to create various dishes and give them a sweet touch to balance the flavor. For example, you can prepare some delicious filled pancakes or puree to fill some enchiladas. Or, you can cut it into pieces and add it to a plate of lentils. Believe it or not, this ingredient combines very well with many flavors.

Fried bananas, how do I make them?

Actually, the recipe is simple and fast, you only need the following ingredients:

• 2 bananas

•   Vegetable oil

To decorate choose one of these options:

•  Sour cream

•  Sugar to taste

• Marmalade

• Chocolate chip

• Milkmaid


First, peel the bananas and cut them into diagonal slices or strips about a half centimeter thick.

Now pour a cup of vegetable oil into a frying pan, so that it reaches to cover the bananas. Then let the oil heat over high heat. Little by little, place the slices and you will see how small bubbles form in the oil.

Fried bananas

After a few minutes, remove them with tweezers and put them on an absorbent towel to remove excess oil. When you’re done frying both bananas, then it’s time to serve.

Here comes the difficult part, choosing the ingredients to decorate them. Whether you add a little sour cream and sugar. Or a little milk and chocolate chip. It can also be with jam or as you like. Just be careful with the sugar.

As you can see, these fried plantains are a great option to sweeten our lives.


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