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The witch

The witch, the terror of the hidalguenses #AyNanita

In certain regions of Hidalgo it is forbidden to mention the witch on Fridays. Many people have salt paths on their roofs and cross-shaped scissors under their beds. And if there is a newborn, the precautions must be greater because on any night a witch could appear. #AyNanita

Above all, in the Magic Town of Huichapan, legends about witches are frequently heard among the residents. Some claim to have seen fireballs fly at night on the Cerro de Coatépetl or other nearby areas. It is also said that they mutilate themselves, tear out their eyes, arms or legs.

The witch

At night they become turkeys and go out looking for a newborn to suck their blood. The worst thing is that it could be any woman in the population and you could inadvertently run into one.

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The witch and her husband

A legend tells the story of a man to whom everyone told him his wife was a witch. In the same way, they told him that the food she prepared for him every day was made with newborn blood. So the man decided to spy on her to confirm the rumor.

That night, he came home and told his wife that he would go to bed early. Then she replied that she would only finish cooking and also go to bed.

At bedtime, the man made a hole in his blanket, from where he would spy on her. Such was his surprise when he saw that the woman detached herself from her leg and became a turkey. Then she flew out of the house.

Immediately, the man burned the woman’s leg and waited for her until dawn. When the witch returned, she was bringing a child’s blood with her to finish cooking. Little by little, she transformed back into a woman, but when she did not find her leg, she fell into despair.

Catching the witch

Over there in El Arenal, Hidalgo, it is said that witches hid among the mosques so as not to be discovered. And this other legend is told.

A boy found out the identity of a witch from his village, so he began to follow the lady. He had already seen her prowling around the house of a newborn, so he decided to hide his legs from her.

The next day, an old woman came to the boy’s house, but was unable to stand or move. Then the boy’s family hosted her at her home. But since the little boy knew it was a witch, he locked her up and stuck pins into her skirt. He also put salt and holy water on his food so that she would not eat.

The witch

As the witch could not escape, she explained to the whole family who she was. Fearing retaliation, the mother asked the boy to release her. In return, the witch promised not to do anything to them.

The next morning, they no longer found the lady in the room. Soon the rumor was heard that the elderly woman who lived near the mosque had passed away. These are just two witch legends in Hidalgo, but there are actually many more. And be careful, someday you might run into one.


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