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Santo Domingo, a imposing viceregal building in Mexico

If you visit Oaxaca, one of the places you cannot miss is the Santo Domingo temple, located just six blocks from the Oaxaca socket, on the corner of Macedonio Alcalá and Adolfo Gurrión. The interior is decorated with a family tree from Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Paintings that represent passages from the Old Testament and is considered one of the most representative buildings of the Mexican Baroque.

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Santo Domingo’s Cultural Center History

On the slopes of Cerro del Fortín, the Dominicans built the Temple of Santo Domingo. Construction began in the mid-sixteenth century and was not completed until the mid-seventeenth century, with an area of ​​close to 40,000 square meters.


During the colony it was used as a great evangelization center. However, after the Independence Battle and with the separation of the assets of the clergy brought by the Reform Laws, the building was evicted and occupied by the armed forces. It was closed to worship in 1886 and reopened until 1902. But the building remained in charge of the Mexican army, it was until 1993 when it was decided to dedicate the building to cultural purposes.

Before opening its doors to the public, it went through a long remodeling process in which more than six thousand square meters of construction were restored. About 50% of the original construction. For this titanic work, a multidisciplinary team was needed that included archaeologists. Also, architects, restorers, and historians, among others.

On July 24, 1998, the Santo Domingo Cultural Center opened its doors to the public. Which is made up of the Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca, the “Fray Francisco de Burgoa” library. The Oaxaca Ethnobotanical Historical Garden and the “Periodista” public newspaper archive, Nestor Sánchez Hernández”.

This was one of the most important convents during the colonial period. And today it is one of the most imposing colonial buildings in Mexico and perhaps in Latin America.

What to see?

If you’re all into history, you can go inside the Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca, this will take you on a journey from the first inhabitants of the region in the year 10,000 BC. C. Passing through the great manors, until the contemporary time.

Then you can take a tour of the Ethnobotanical Garden. Which in its more than 2.3 hectares of extension houses about 7,330 guarded plants, 1,300 cultivated plants of 474 genera. And 140 botanical families, while the herbarium is made up of about 3,000 100 specimens.


What to eat?

After enjoying the architectural beauty and all the activities that the Santo Domingo Cultural Center has to offer, you will surely get hungry. And there is no better place to be hungry than Oaxaca. Its gastronomy is one of the most colorful and prestigious in our country.

If you are hot you can drink a refreshing tejate (drink prepared with corn and cocoa). If you have just a craving you can buy a bag of grasshoppers. But if you want to enjoy a good meal, you can go to Mercado 20 de noviembre, ask for a traditional tlayuda with quesillo and tasajo. Also rich mole or a surprising broth with shrimp, fish, chili and herbs. You will not regret it.  


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