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Moronga, blood sausage or beef blood, do you know it?

There are traditional dishes in our country that are not the delight of all palates. One of them is moronga, a very easy to prepare Mexican recipe. This is the pork casing filled with blood, butter, spices and Mexican seasonings.

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Moronga, blood sausage or beef blood

In Mexico, moronga is also known as blood sausage or beef blood in Oaxaca. It can be prepared in different ways. But, the most popular is ‘a la mexicana’.


Moronga is known to have spread in Latin America through the Conquest. And it is consumed in Mexico and places like Venezuela, Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, among others. And although it is not a very pleasant dish for everyone. This is a great source of iron and minerals, which are helpful to prevent anemia.

A traditional dish

In Mexico City it is very common to find the dish in food stalls. Even in places like La Merced it is very common to find tacos with this unique stew.

Different places, such as Chihuahua, the blood of the dish is seasoned with peppermint, onion and salt. In addition, it is customary to make it as a stew with serrano pepper, coriander and onion.

On the other hand, in Michoacán it is cooked with different kinds of stuffed chicken. While in the municipality of Zitácuaro pieces of casing are added in tomato sauce and serrano pepper.


In Hidalgo it is customary to make goat or lamb moronga, this because a large number of these animals are slaughtered. In Sinaloa, was a traditional dish called ‘la moronga de caguama negra’. Which was a species of sea turtle.

This was prepared with black loggerhead blood, cooked with onion, tomato, pasilla peppers, seasoned with coriander and oregano. However, this dish has come to an end due to the conservation of the black loggerhead.

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