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Devil’s Cave, a place of terrifying stories #AyNanita

If you go to Mazatlán and consider yourself to be the bravest, then visit the Devil’s Cave. It is one of the oldest tourist spots in the area, where an atmosphere of mystery reigns completely.

Devil's Cave

This place of fear is at the foot of Cerro de la Nevería, on Paseo Claussen. In reality, the cave is very small, but the legends around the cave are many. And a large part of them have remained among the Mazatlecos for more than 200 years.

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Disappearances and missing people

Among what is told about her there are stories of disappearances and even pirates. Well, some say they kept their treasures there. Another story tells that once, two people came from a carnival night and entered the cave to relieve themselves. They never saw them again.

They also say that some explorers just by curiosity, entered the cave. When they did not return, they sent a group of rescuers. Then, they released a rope in the hope that the trapped explorers could hold on and get out. After a while and not feeling the rope tighten, they decided to go down for them. When they were removed, the scouts were already dead, almost cremated.

Over time, a red gate was installed outside the cave so that no one entered.

Devil's Cave

The Devil’s Cave

However, another story that refers to its name tells that the devil was released in the cave. According to the story, while carrying out works on the slopes of the hill, the workers claimed to listen to the devil inside.

In addition, it is rumored that those who enter it could be prisoners until the next day. And when they came out they smelled like sulfur. Of course, it is also believed that this is because the cave was a deposit of dynamite.

Others claim that the devil continues to leave the cave to take more people with him.

Do you dare to come to this place?

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