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3D printer

3D printer replicates bones with biodegradable material

A UNAM student created a 3D printer to replicate bones from biodegradable materials. These would serve as surgical guides without putting patients at risk.

The person responsible for said invention is Aarón Misael Ortiz de la O, who is studying a postgraduate degree in Industrial Design. According to him, digital files are first made to obtain a tomography of the bones and then convert it to a 3D model.

3D printer

Then a scaffold is printed, that is, biological structures that are implanted and replace or restore the tissues. This is designed according to the shape and porosity of the area of ​​the bone to be recovered. And the printer builds layer by layer each pore of the part.

Subsequently, the scaffold is sent to tissue engineering, where a cell culture is applied to reproduce the cells. Between, the first three or seven days it is possible to see results. However, they must wait around three months to obtain the tissue.

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Biodegradable 3D bones

This 3D printer works with polyatic acid, a polymer made from barley, wheat, corn or milk plants. Therefore, it is quite economical to make compared to other similar appliances.

According to Aaron, this type of scaffolding is a great alternative that does not put patients at risk:

“The advantage of our scaffolding is that they are biodegradable and are absorbed in the body. With them you can replace metal or ceramic grafts. Although they are not toxic, they do cause malformations in the bones and prevent them from healing properly. Since they are never static, they move according to the loads they bear. ”

3D printer

3D printer, a patent in process

Little by little, the student became involved in the development of surgical guides for dental implants and prosthetics. Thus was born the idea of ​​this 3D printer that receives the name of Biomaker.

Until now, it is a prototype in process of getting a patent. In addition, with it, Aarón will represent UNAM at the Global Grad Show 2019, at Dubai Design Week.

Information and pics: DGCS UNAM

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