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Hitler discovered pulque and made a documentary

Adolf Hitler was one of the most terrible dictators in history. His actions as the top leader of Nazi Germany inaugurated one of the bloodiest episodes of all time.

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Pulque and its link with Hitler

But despite everything, Adolf had very peculiar eating habits but especially ‘pulque’ caught his attention. Yes, as you read, Hitler was a big fan of pulque due to all the properties it contains.


And it is that the fuhrer liked to discover drinks that had divine properties and extended life time. Inclusively, it is said that he was about to create a drink that granted immortality. And it is said that he sent expeditions around the world to find the final ingredient: “the philosopher’s stone.”

The first documentary about pulque

However, although they did not find the stone, they did find another divine liquid: pulque. In fact, Hitler was the first to order a film production of this drink that all Mexicans naturally consumed.

The result was a 12-minute documentary titled “Pulquebereitung in México”, in black and white. And it was about the methods of production and how the famous drink was obtained.

Hubert Schonger is said to have been the director in charge of bringing the documentary to life. While the current owner is Javier Gómez Marín, who in 2011 released the finding.


“It was known to be an amazing drink from past centuries, and for them simply believing that it could be a natural medicine caught their attention. Germans weren’t just in Mexico, they were all over the world looking for things like the Philosopher’s Stone and the water of youth for Hitler, “ said Marin.

Despite this, we cannot know for sure if Hitler consumed the drink or not, but what is certain is that he did his research about it. And he produced the first documentary about this divine drink.

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