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First military

First military aircraft was made in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a dreamy place, so much that it is now witness to the creation of the first military aircraft built entirely by Mexicans. The military aircraft not only offers to be cheaper compared to others. But also has improvements in technologies.

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Technology and Mexican talent

The new military aircraft built in Oaxaca was 100% developed with Mexican technology. And, although some aircrafts were produced in national territory in the 1960s, they were not of our own design. Traylfer CEO Raúl Fernández commented in an interview with La Jornada.

First military

However, the aircrafts built in the 1960s ceased to be manufactured due to accidents, these crashed easily.

Better quality in the first military aircraft!

Oaxaca Aerospace is the company that is emerging in beautiful Oaxaca. And it is thanks to the computer software that currently exists, that an airplane has been created with a cost of 3 million dollars.

This equates to 70% less than the price of other aircrafts, which are produced in other parts of the world.

“We have streamlined a design software that allows us to update ourselves globally. Now the design is original, it is not similar to any other ”.

Raúl Fernández, CEO of Traylfer

The Mexican aircraft has many advantages in its construction, from its design to the software. It is new generation of creation, so it has the possibility of being updated on a global scale.

First military

On the other hand, the plane has a propeller that helps during the take off, and to continue flying in case of any failure.

So far, the Oaxaca Aerospace company is looking for investors. So it is expected that by 2022 the plane will be built in series.

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