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La Parroquia

La Parroquia, a vintage coffee shop in Veracruz

La Parroquia is one of the most emblematic places in Mexico, it is the oldest coffee shop in the country. And as its name implies, it is located in the warm port of Veracruz.

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How did it started?

Its history began very different to what it is now, when in 1808 it opened its doors as a grocery and wine store. Over time, they decided to start selling coffee, a delicious substance very rare for that time. Over the years, it became the only cafeteria with the true flavor of Veracruz and the first gas-light establishment in the port.


But apart from its delicious coffee, this place is famous for the personalities who have visited it. Figures such as President Echeverría, singer-songwriter Agustín Lara. Even Prince Charles of England and comedian Cantinflas proved their specialty: the popular milk coffee. In fact, the writer Carlos Fuentes, Octavio Paz and Germán Dehesa, were frequent diners.

Milk coffee, a tradition of La Parroquia

Milk coffee consists of serving it with hot milk. But in order to obtain it, the spoon must be stained with your glass. This action is a tradition that dates back to the beginning of 1890. And it was born when the drivers of the trams of the port of Veracruz rang the transport bell to “ask” the waiter for their ‘café con leche’ (coffee with milk).

The current owners, the Fernández family, have owned Gran Café de la Parroquia since 1926 and have preserved the celebration of coffee ever since. Although its strength is bread and coffee, the menu also includes other foods, a fusion of Cuban and Spanish food.


If you don’t go to La Parroquia you didn’t go to Veracruz

On the other hand, the inhabitants of Veracruz know that at least once in their lives they have to go to this place. So far, there is no person in Veracruz who hasn’t been there and doesn’t recommend its flavors. According to some numbers, the place serves 3,500 guests in the morning and for more than eight decades, this number has been increasing.

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