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Virgin of Guadalupe, cult that transcends beliefs

One of the most sacred figures that exist in our country is the Virgin of Guadalupe, and its cult began on December 9, 1531. When Juan Diego lived in his own flesh, one of the four appears of the Virgin.

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But what is the origin of the Virgin?

The story tells that an Indian named Juan Diego, was walking early in the morning to a town that was in Mexico City to attend his catechism classes. However, as he passed the hill of Tepeyac, he heard a voice calling his name.


Surprised, he climbed to the summit to investigate and when he arrived, he saw a very beautiful woman wearing a dress as bright as the sun. Which with very kind and attentive words said:

“Juanito: the youngest of my children, I am the always Virgin Mary, Mother of the true God, by whom one lives. I strongly wish a temple to be built here. In order to show and lavish all my love, compassion, help and defense to all the inhabitants of this land and to all who call on me and trust me. Go to the Lord Bishop and tell him that I want a temple on this plain. Go on and put all your effort into it”.

From that meeting three more happened and as proof of its appearance, the Virgin gave Diego her image captured through a blanket full of flowers. The event was such that Pio X proclaimed her “Patroness of all Latin America”, Pio XI of all “Americas”, Pio XII “Empress of the Americas” and John XXIII “The Celestial Missionary of the New World” and “the Mother of the Americas. “

Mexico, the most ‘guadalupano’ country

In Mexico, the main temple of the virgin is the Basilica of Guadalupe that is located on the hill of Tepeyac. Also, she is venerated on December 12 because that day was the last of her appearances. The festivities begin with Las Mañanitas on the eve and continue with the ceremony, a feast and fireworks.


But while the virgin’s cult is currently one of the greatest spiritual events in our country, it was not always the case. From the nineteenth and twentieth centuries her veneration was increasing. However, in what is now the Basilica, before it was the most important sanctuary of the Nahua divinity of the earth and indigenous fertility: Coatlicue.

The goddess Coatlicue, also known as the lady of the skirt of snakes or Tonantzin, had her spiritual point in that place she is now, the Guadalupe center par excellence. But during the conquest, it was completely destroyed.

A cult on the rise and with great spiritual wealth

However, we cannot deny that the arrival of the Virgin was an unprecedented event, which is positioned as one of the most entrenched historical beliefs in our country. It is part of our identity and of the social processes that have shaped our current political future as The Independence of Mexico, the Reformation and the Mexican Revolution.

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