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Law against plagiarism of Indigenous, approved!

A law was approved to prevent plagiarism and protect the crafts and typical clothing of native people. This one, seeks to counteract that national or foreign brands appropriate designs, without granting any benefit to these communities.


This is the Law for the Safeguarding of the Knowledge, Culture and Identity of Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Peoples and Communities. Also, among its main objectives is the recognition of the collective ownership of peoples and communities towards their culture and identity. As well as avoiding the plagiarism of works, crafts. Besides, typical garments, among other knowledge and cultural expressions.

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Law to defend indigenous expressions

Sometimes, entrepreneurs and fashion brands take advantage of the expressions and designs of native communities. Similarly, without granting them any benefits. While the towns do not have sufficient legal support to defend themselves.

“The indigenous and Afro-Mexicans, although they are carriers of centuries-old cultures, continue to live in conditions of poverty, marginalization and economic and social exclusion”.

Susana Harp Iturribarría, legislator

In addition, to trying to promote respect for these elements of the natives, the law wants to recognize the diversity of its manifestations. It also seeks to establish provisions for these peoples and communities to define the elements of their culture, that are accessible to third parties. And so, ensure fair compensation for the use and exploitation of those who are outside the community.

No to plagiarism of designs! Yes to your recognition!

Similarly, a reform of the Federal Copyright Law was legislated. This is against the exploitation of popular, or artisanal art without authorization from the people or the original community.

Therefore, the National System of Safeguarding the elements of culture and identity will be established. And they concluded that the lack of consent and unfair trade practices would be sanctioned by those who plagiarize.


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