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Nahuala, the legend of the most feared witch #AyNanita

In Puebla there are many Mexican treasures, from traditional gastronomic dishes, to the best known legends of our country. Such is the case of the legend of the Nahuala. Besides, is a story that more than one Mexican can tell even backwards.

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Legend says…

In Puebla there is an old abandoned house where nobody dares to enter. Well, many people say that it is haunted. It was built in a cursed place where a witch named La Nahuala lived. Therefore, said that she was a monstrous woman. Because, she had the ability to become different animals at night.


Besides, it is known that at night the Nahuala dedicated to steal from the smallest and scare the grown ups.

May the Nahuala not take you!

If there is anything that none can be saved, is from death. Because of that, the Nahuala knew that she would be condemned in eternity for all the evil she had caused.

Because of this, the people around her rejoiced. For that reason, the Nahuala decided to charge revenge by kidnapping two innocent girls and boys to steal their souls. And in this way resurrect every year during the Day of the Dead.


Some time later, her own soul was trapped where she lived. But it was collapsed to build a house. This is why people say that the person who steps on the haunted house will be caught by the witch. Who is waiting for an innocent child to steal his soul, resurrect and gain absolute power.

If you visit Puebla, do not hesitate to take a tour to this abandoned house, and maybe you will see the Nahuala peeking through one of the many doors and windows of the house.

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