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Mayan blue

Mayan blue, the color that yucatecos get it

The Mayan blue color has become a historical pigment. Which was elaborated and used by Mesoamerican cultures during the Vlll century. It has been found and carefully observed in murals of archaeological buildings, ceramic pieces. Also sculptural, codices and Indo-Christian works of art.

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A historic moment

After a year of research the Yucatecans have achieved the perfect formula to extract the famous Mayan blue. Besides, plants and stones were used to obtain this particular color. Just as their ancestors did.

Mayan blue

The extraction of this color was thanks to the sculptor Luis Manuel May Ku and residents of the ancient Mayan city of Cobá. To extract this beautiful color, herbs, powders, stones and water were needed.

But before being able to achieve this result, hard work of research was required. It was last year’s October when they began with the search for this color.

Obtaining Mayan Blue

The first thing they did was to locate the plant that brings to life the Mayan blue color. And after several weeks, without losing hope, they managed to get the first seeds in December.

It was in  January and April of 2019, when researchers first observed the grass plantations. In the beAfter discovering the plants, the adventure and the experiments began and did not stop. Until when for the first time the extraction of the blue color was achieved.

Mayan blue

All this work was thanks to the participation of the inhabitants Justino May (guardian of the plant) Nathanael Vela, Lorenzo Vela, Raúl May and Noé Chimal. As well as the owners of the Mayan Village Xunáan Kab, Leopoldo Chimal, Hilaria Chooc and their children.

All of them achieved something historical and that will last for a long time. Obtaining the Mayan blue color!

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