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crystal caterpillar

Crystal caterpillar, beautiful specimen out of this world

Without a doubt, Mexico is a country full of diversity. Its multiple species and the infinite variety of animals that integrates it is incredible. But, of all of them, there is a very peculiar species from which we have very little information, the Mexican crystal caterpillar.

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How does it look like?

The Mexican crystal caterpillar, a unique species in the world, looks like a beautiful crystal. Its skin looks like a sculpture made of blown glass. And inside, a set of transparent lights that flash with the sun. But, despite its transparencies it has distributed, throughout its body, a series of brightly colored dots.

crystal caterpillar

The caterpillar has a defense mechanism given by some kind of spikes that embellish its body. According to specialists, it consists in getting rid of them in order for them to escape. If you it gets in a situation of possible danger to attack the predator.

A recent discovery

However, despite its beauty, the Mexican crystal caterpillar has remained hidden for a long time. It was not until 2012 that it saw the light thanks to Gerardo Ayzpuro.

Gerardo, a diving instructor and amateur photographer was the one who discovered the insect in a mangrove in Cancun. After finding it, he published a series of impressive images of this unique specimen with the hope that someone would identify it. Besides, the Dr. Scott Miller of the Smithsonian Institute confirmed that. In short, the caterpillar was a member of the Acraga coa family.

crystal caterpillar

From caterpillar to butterfly

The larvae of the Mexican crystal caterpillar feeds on leaves of the Terminalia, Coffea and some citrus species such as Mango. According to researchers, the Acraga coa species of the Dalceridae family. After metamorphosis, it transforms into an orange butterfly, with velvety wings.

So far, it is known that the caterpillar inhabits the tropical areas of Yucatan, Belize and other countries of Central America. And, as expected, its appearance has had an impact on several entomologists. As its appearance is out of this world.

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