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Templo Mayor offerings, history and culture

Have you ever wondered what archaeologists find in offerings? Well, today we will know what was on the offerings found in Templo Mayor in Mexico City. Likewise, among the many objects found in the offerings of Templo Mayor, there were the remains of two birds of prey dressed in jewels.

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The offerings of Templo Mayor

Each offering found in sacred places has to be analyzed very carefully. Due to the content of these and the position of the objects, one can deduce a lot of information of that time.

The first object found in these offerings was an eight month old wolf buried next to 22 pieces of gold. Also, a female jaguar dressed as a warrior with a wooden anahuatl (ring of deities) was found.


Now, archaeologists have unveiled the finding of two prey falcons, both with a gold anahuatl and necklaces. One was with a gold spear, fine as Bible paper and the other with a kind of shield and badges.

All this was found in the last offering discovered at the base of Templo Mayor of old Tenochtitlan. This finding has become another step to the remains of the Mexican emperors

A historical find

The three offerings were found on the same line, an imaginary line that cuts in two a building next.


Among the more than 200 offerings found and studied in more than 40 years of excavations, it has been concluded that offerings with dressed animals are rare. For only 28 of them contained animals dressed in ornaments and badges. Among them, 12 golden eagles, seven wolves, seven pumas and two jaguars.

It is now expected that the remains of Ahuízotl, Axayácatl or Tízoc, predecessors of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin are buried in this place.

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