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Lemon, a fruit that we Mexicans add to everything

In Mexico, lemon is a fruit that adds flavor, identity and freshness to all our dishes. And as my grandfather said, in Mexico, this seasoning is not only a garnish. But a necessity that speaks for our excellent palate.

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If life gives you lemons … put lemon on everything

And if you think about it, it is true, we put lemon on everything. Tacos, soups, seafood, salads, meats, alcoholic beverages. And even snacks would not be the same without fruit.


We have all done it. Whether it’s just a few drops in your taco de suadero, or a whole kilo in your instant chicken soup.

And if you don’t believe us, ask your grandma, because every home remedy you can never miss this fruit. Lemon with honey is used for sore throat. Besides, to use it with baking soda for indigestioN. And we even add lemon with chia and water to lose weight.

Lemon or lime?

However, few know that the fruit belongs to the limes family. In fact, we are from the few countries that refers to this acidic fruit is it. But of course, this does not mean that every day we transform Mexican cuisine with a touch of its flavor.

No one really knows why we put lemon on everything. Many say it is to counteract and enhance our spicy flavors. Others, because the taste of lemon is something cultural that passes from generation to generation.

The truth is that in any restaurant or street food stand in Mexico, you can never miss lemons on the table.


Primordial fruit in Mexico

The lemon consumed in our country is originally from India or Southeast Asia. And it is said that it came to our hands by Christopher Columbus. Some researchers think that he obtained seeds at a stop he made in the Canary Islands in 1493, before making his second trip to America.

Currently, we are one of the three main countries worldwide that exports and harvests this citrus. According to data from Sagarpa, each Mexican consumes 13 to 17 kilos per year, against the world average of 2 kilos per person per year.

Amazing, right? But tell us, what do you put lemon on?


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