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Rutopía, ecotourism that helps mexican lands

Rutopía is a social enterprise with the objective of empowering indigenous communities that have unique tourist attractions. It is an excellent option for those who love to travel.

This innovative project seeks to give the inhabitants the necessary tools so that they do not have to leave their land, but, it also gives travelers a completely different travel experience than conventional.

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A great option that seeks to preserve our legacy

In an interview they told us that the destinations that the project covers are not conventional. And, as such, Rutopía was born in the jungle El Triunfo, Chiapas.

It all started because two of the team members worked on a tourist project so that the natives could work on other sectors and not only devote themselves to coffee crops that were increasingly affected by the weather.

Throughout their stay, they were seeing that ecotourism was a key solution. First of all, because there are many people who love to travel and enjoy Mexican natural wealth. And second, because they could not believe that, among such wealth, the most beautiful places were from the poorest points in the country.


Attack the problem

So that’s how Rutopía decided to attack a problem from a tourism point of view. In this way, each tour would focus not only on leisure, but on sustainability, preservation, appreciation of the environment and the sensitization of travelers.

The big advantage? That communities can benefit from their own wealth, this is one of the main purposes of the initiative, that no one has to leave their own land for lack of work.

“Every indigenous community in Mexico should have the opportunities to receive income to gather their own space and change their destiny”

“Travel different, connect with communities”

The slogan is one of its key points, because it explains the values ​​of Rutopía, and it reminds us that the best way to know the world is through its people. “Traveling differently” means being part of the change, and at the same time, refocusing tourism in Mexico.

This project was awarded the highest recognition to the global entrepreneurship: The Hult Prize 2019. And this award means a lot to the whole team.

“The Hult Prize, gives us the opportunity to go at the speed we want and reach other places not only in Mexico, but throughout Latin America.”

Rutopía, the value of knowing our own land

Every day tourism companies are growing, but very few are interested in a benefit that goes beyond self-enrichment.

In this sense, Rutopía becomes a support network that offers a communitarian ecotourism, and it offers different experiences in unknown destinations.

“Tourism is only a mean to our main objective, which is to benefit all possible communities. Through tourism we revalue nature, our legacy, and Mexican traditions. ”

Therefore, Rutopía is not only an idea, it is to go beyond natural exploration.

But what is the Mexico that young people in Rutopía dream about?

“The Mexico we dream is one where indigenous communities can feed their families by their own means. May we all be proud of our roots and realize the importance of our legacy. We dream of a collaborative Mexico that results in sustainable development. ”

If you consider yourself a traveler and you like to visit new places, explore food, languages ​​and all the different ways of seeing the world, Rutopía is the best option. To join the experience, go to its official website and get ready to be part of the change.

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