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World’s cuisine adapted to Mexican gastronomy

Mexican gastronomy is one of the most exquisite, delicious and exotic cuisines in the world. Our food has been influenced by other cultures like Spanish, French, African, Middle Eastern and Asian, but only we know how to make them better and add a unique and special flavor.

Rosca de Reyes adapted to mexican gastronomy

Sadly, we have to mention that some dishes that we consider 100% Mexican, are actually not. However, we have managed to adapt them for our taste.

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Dishes adapted to mexican gastronomy

Rosca de reyes

Since we were little, we have been taught that our traditional Rosca de Reyes is Mexican. But in reality, it got to our country during the Spanish conquest. It is said that ancient greeks decided to hide a coin inside the bread and the person who found it, could be king for a day.

This tradition went all the way to France and later, Spain. That’s why it is called “Rosca de Reyes”

Tacos de pastor

These delicious dish did not originate in Mexico. What is known is that it comes from the Lebanese cuisine. In the sixties, Puebla immigrants adapted the Arab shawarma but as lamb was a hard to get animal, it was substituted with pork.

Churros, adapted dishes

They say this dessert comes from Catalonia but its origin goes all the way to China, where they make dough rolls called youtiao, but these are covered in salt instead of sugar.

Horchata water

Horchata has been in different parts of the world. First, in Sudan, they cultivated the horchata tuber, then it was commercialized in Egypt, and later on, it got to Persia and Europe. It was because of the Spanish that we have this beverage in Mexico, but we have changed the ingredients. We use rice, nuts and cinnamon.

Adapted dishes of Mexico


One dish that every Mexican must have tasted is the chimichanga, one of the most traditional dishes from our country. However, this is actually from Tucson and Phoenix.

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