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Flavors and aromas in the Coffee Route. Get to know it!

Coffee beans are harvested in 12 states in Mexico, but we are taking a tour around Veracruz, Puebla, Oaxaca and Chiapas, the main producers. Welcome to the Coffee Route!

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Lets begin in Veracruz

When coffee got to Veracruz, it adapted perfectly. The main sites dedicated to the production are: Coatepec, Xalapa and Xico, due to their great weather.

Our Coffee Route begins in Coatepec, the pioneer. In Xalapa, you can find the Coffee Museum, where you can learn about the harvesting process. Also, a Coffee Fair takes place here with exquisite coffee degustation. The tour ends in Xico, where you can also taste the best wood-fired bread.

Coffee Rout begins in Veracruz

The Coffee route continues in Chiapas

Coffee got to Soconusco’s region by the end of the XIX century. The lands cover Tacaná volcano and the mountains of Sierra Madre de Chiapas. The harvest had been in charge of European immigrants invited by Porfirio Diaz.

In this region, there is an actual Coffee Tour that many tourists from all over the world take, in which they visit many farms in the region. Among them, there is the Hamburgo, Argovia, Irlanda and San Francisco farms, who are involved in sustainable projects.

Aside from the tour, you can spend the night in any of the farms, and wake up to a delicious cup of coffee. There’s no way you can say no to this plan.

Coffee Route in Chiapas

Oaxaca, the most experienced host

Coffee farms in Oaxaca are located along side the roads that go from coasts up to the hills.

One of the most famous is La Gloria, near Huatulco. There are some tours that give you a lot of information for you to learn about the coffee harvest, classification process, dry and roast of coffee. There is also a beautiful butterfly garden. Or you can visit other farms such as Las nieves, Montecarlo, Alemania, La Soledad, Camila and Copalita.

The farm Pacífico is one of the most traditional place of our Coffee Route. And for over 100 años it has been the producer of coffee Pluma Gourmet, a very high quality organic coffee. This means, they do not use pesticides, or fertilizers and their care is very eco-friendly.

Coffee Route in Oaxaca

Puebla is not left behind…

On the magic town of Cuetzalan they produce one of the most recognized coffee in Mexico. Reserva Azul is where you’ll see the cabin-like constructions in between the coffee harvests. These structures are used because of their low environmental impact and they serve as protection for the changing weather.

Then you can move on to Tlatlauquitepec, better known as the Sierra Norte’s Garden. Due to its climate conditions, it is a great place to harvest organic coffee. Then, visit Chignahuapan and drink a hot cup of coffee with their traditional cheese bread.

Finally you will arrive to Xicotepec, where traditions around coffee are so important that they even do jewelry with coffee beans.

Coffee Route, Puebla

Coffee beans harvest season starts in September and ends in March, so you are still on time to visit any of these states. Apart from enjoying the best coffee taste, you will be able to wonder with amazing views.

Don’t forget to buy some bags of coffee from each region so you can enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee whenever you want. Let yourself go around this delicious aroma and the Coffee Route.

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