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Tlahuelpuchis, famous witches from Tlaxcala #AyNanita

In our country, legends or stories about witches have become very common. Have you ever wondered where do this superstition come from? Well, like everything in Mexico, there is a legend of pre-Hispanic origin about them. Everything began in the beautiful state of Tlaxcala. Here, the witches are called Tlahuelpuchis which in Nahuatl means “sahumados luminosos”.

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The tlahuelpuchis

The tlahuelpuchis are a species of nahuales, since they have the ability to transform into animals.

It is said that these women may seem as common people to everyone else. This power is developed during puberty, specifically, when they have their first period. Some say that, when they transform into their animal form, a light emerges out of them and works as a warning for others.


The witches of Tlaxcala

Unlike witches, Tlahuelpuchis are usually territorial and although they don’t usually live or work in groups they do recognize each other. What they never do is attack their relatives, unless one of them reveals their identity.

‘The witches of Tlaxcala’ usually feed on human blood. Their favorite? Babies and children’s blood. Ay nanita!

One of its main characteristics is that they use their hypnotic powers over their victims, managing to sleep them deeply. The inhabitants of Tlaxcala, say that when the weather is cold and rainy the tlahuepuchis have the most desire to attack, specially newborns.


Their favorite time to do this is between midnight and four in the morning. As for their transformation ritual they use a particular recipe which includes cocoon wood, agave roots, copal and dried zoapatle leaves.

Once the preparation is ready, they walk over it three times from north to south and from east to west. Then, they sit towards their victim’s home and the transformation begins.

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