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La Chiva, the typical beberage that heal your frights

For more than a hundred years, La chiva (the goat) has been a beverage that has helped the inhabitants of the Magical Town of ‘El oro’ in the State of Mexico. The recipe is a secret and it is not clear who invented it.

Some say it was the Parrales family. They started producing it for Rita Parrales, the family’s grandmother. Others say that the creator was Doña Mariana Garduño in 1872.

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Handmade process

Every producer in town, obviously, has kept their recipe as a secret, that is why neither the ingredients nor the creation process is known for sure. We only know that it is a handmade process.


The only certain thing is that is an herbal liqueur. They mix from 10 to 20 sweet and bitter herbs, such as mint, anise, peppermint, and wormwood, just to name a few. It’s because of this combination of herbs that the color is an intense emerald green. The amount of alcohol varies between 22 and 30 degrees. That’s why they recommend taking it on the rocks or with mineral water, never alone.

In fact, they use to call it ‘amargo’ (bitter) but the flavor would hit you so hard when drinking the first sip, as a goat would do, that they started calling the beverage “La chiva” (the goat).

La Chiva is a miraculous drink

They use it to heal frights, anger, cramps and other aches. If it doesn’t heal your illnesses, at least it makes you forget them. It is also an excellent digestive; you can drink it before or after a meal. But, careful! Don’t drink too much, you will not want to end up on the streets.


In addition of drinking “La Chiva” you can do many things in “El oro”. There is a Mining Museum with a restaurant where you can eat on an ancient mining wagon. You can visit the Municipal Palace or go for traditional food at the Álvaro Obregón Market.

To wander in the town properly, you must visit Chapel of Santa María Guadalupe, and if you decide to return to the city, make sure you are sober. Let’s avoid any accident.

The good thing is that there are many places to buy your “Chiva”. If you didn’t dare to drink it in “El oro”, you can buy a bottle and drink it at your place. Cheers!

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