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Angel of Independence, homage to our homeland

There’s no doubt that our monuments are extraordinary, full of history and stories that most of us don’t know. This is the case of the Angel of Independence, one of the most representative constructions to honor the history of our country. What do you know about it?

Its real name

Among Mexico’s citizens it is known as Angel of Independence but its official name is Independence Monument.

Its height, including steps, is approximately 94.66 meters. And it’s made out of bronze, but completely hollow.

Homage to our homeland

The statue was built by order of Porfirio Diaz with the aim of commemorating the centenary of Mexico’s Independence.

The figure, is a half-naked woman who wears a laurel wreath. She represents the Winged Victory about to be crowned. On her left hand, she holds a broken chain, as a symbol of the three centuries of viceroyalty and political dependence with Spain.

Angel of Independence, one of the most importan monuments

Angel of Independence is a tribute to our heroes. However, before it existed, Porfirio was the one who put the first stone and deposit a golden chest inside. Some say this chest holds the original independence document and some gold coins.

Antonio Rivas Mercado was the architect responsible for its construction, one of the best of his time. The sculpture was made by the Italian Enrique Alciati.

Catastrophe survivor

Half way to the construction, they realized the ground was sunk and that made the monument unstable. So in 1906, the engineers demolished all the progress and started from scratch.

By 1910, it was finished and Porfirio inaugurated the monument on time for the commemoration of Mexican Independence Day.

Angel of Independence, homage to our homeland.

Then, on July 28 1957, an earthquake shook the city and destroyed everything on its way.

The Angel of Independence was one of the most damaged buildings an its restoration took a while. In order to preserve the original statue, a second monument was built, and was inaugurated on September 16, 1958.

The Angel is also a crypt!

Later on, the monument served as an honorary crypt. By General’s order, the remains of independence heroes lay here. Some were brought from the Metropolitan Cathedral and others from other states in the Country.

The Angel is not only one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. But it’s also a tribute to the battles and the blood of those who fought for our independence.

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