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Adelitas, the women that revolutionizing the beer

Adelitas had a very important role during Mexican Revolution. They showed great military skills and bravery. On this time, to honor them, a group of women dedicated to the beer industry are breaking all rules to enter this industry.


“The beer industry is always related to men. Today, we see many women participating in this industry. It was a way to take a stand and say ‘now we are going to be the Adelitas’ ”.

Estrella Flores, La Metropolitana Brewery

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Breweries with temple

It all started a few months ago, when some girls from Ecuador invited Latin America to participate on the first, all female, Latin American Brewery Congress. 

“As part of this, we called all girls we knew. We have previously made a reunion only to cook, because we noticed there was a need of knowing what we were up to. This was the perfect way to understand the world of craft beer, specially with women”.

Chantal Alonso, member of the Adelitas

Later on, we decided that on May 11, each country will brew a beer that represented them. Mexicans agreed on several meetings, but it was not a simple process, due to the various personalities that existed on the group and, of course, it involved a lot of work. Even so, they managed to move on with the project within three months. Then, luckily they got malt, hops and places to brew beer sponsorships, from which the donations help them grew.

This way Adelitas were able to demonstrate that with union and strength everything is possible. That’s how Adela was born despite all the economic problems and the stereotype that Mexican woman couldn’t brew beer. 

Adela, mexican sensuality and exquisiteness

Adela is an american pale ale with hops, natural preservatives – mainly from fruits, flowers or any citric –  with, as anything in Mexico, chili.

The beer has a slight taste to habanero pepper, the kind known as ‘chocolate’. The slogan of this product is ‘con chile del que pica, porque al chile no me rajo’, with Mexican slang, this meas ‘with very hot chile, because just hot is not hot enough’. But don’t worry, the amount of chili it has is very low, only after tasting it you may feel a slight itchiness in your throat.

Hops, chocolate habanero, and some drops of honey fill Adela with a unique flavor and smell. 

“It is a chili that we use dry. The flavors that it gives us are a bit smokey, along with the hops, which are more frutal, it’s an amazing boom”.

Chantal Alonso

Adelitas, a great group

There are Adelitas all over Mexico. They are a great interdisciplinary, very talented, team with different areas such as: advertising, production, sales, and more others, and still the plan is to keep on growing. 

“The idea of our group is truly to create support networks that help more girls, more women who want to be in this industry or are already in it. And, maybe, sometimes, as a woman you don’t feel with enough confidence to ask a brewer, a sales guy, or anyone to help you and guide you”.

Estrella Flores

These women are not ignoring the idea of supporting men as well in their beer related projects. In fact, Chantal told us that some of them have invited the girls to make preparations together. And others have given full support to Adelitas.

10 women in the beginning

They started with about 10 women, today, they are more than 70. For them, the Adela represents Mexican women, as a symbol of fight and many qualities more. 

“For me, she’s a person who fights, loves, protects, and believes that she can do more than what she was taught to do. Mexican women, sometimes due to her education, had to be very careful with telling her opinions or point of view, but when you start graduate school, everything changes. How I see it is that Mexican women have lots of opportunities to grow, but we need to believe on ourselves and fight to achieve our goals”.

Yolanda Jiménez, Brugga Brewery

For Daniela Pérez, from Dos Morenos Brewery, women work to achieve anything they set their minds to. 

“It is exactly like Adela: smells good, looks good, tastes good, but she’s a warrior. That’s exactly why we are named Adelitas, because we want to represent Mexican women as a whole. We are struggling for a brewery industry in which we are taken into account. We are not saying we are not, but we do have to work harder to stand out from all men, who are the majority”.

It is not about fake feminism, but about women exploiting their full potential. 

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