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Coatepec, the mountain where Huitzilopochtli was born

There is a mythical hill found in Hidalgo that used to be very sacred to the Mexicas. We’re talking about Coatepec, where Huitzilopochtli, the god of war and sun was born. However, it has not always been called like that, and for many years, its location was a mystery for many historians and archaeologists.

Coatepec, a sacred hill

This hill was known as Hualtepec or Cerro del Astillero, but research indicates they might be referring to Coatepec. And there’s enough evidence to prove it.

First of all, it matches ancient documents from pre-Hispanic and colonial times, as well as myths and geographical data.

Coatepec 2

Coatepec is important within Mexica’s mythology because that’s where Coatlicue, Huitzilopochtli’s mom, became pregnant. It is also the scenery where she sacrificed her sister Coyolxauhqui, and where a war started against the Centzon Huitznahua.

In fact, some registered stories in Fray Bernandino de Sahagún and Fernando de Alvarado Tezozomoc’s chronicles, mention this hill.

According to the tradition, mexicas went to Aztlan and stopped in Tecolhuacan-Chicomoztoc. And before arriving in Tula, they passed by this famous hill.

Mexica’s evidence

The mountain is located in the Mezquital Valley, 50 km away from Tula, Hidalgo.

There are some archaelogical ruins and other details that indicate that this hill is Coatepec. In addition, the hill has a chapel with rocks at its peak. Also pre-Hispanic sculptures, related to Huitzilopochtli’s sister and other ceremonial figures have been found.

Because of this evidence, everything seems to prove that this hill is actually the authentic Coatepec Hill. So if you travel to Hidalgo, don’t forget to visit this Mexican mythological place.


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