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Jorge Matute Remus, the man who moved a building

There is a figure in Guadalajara of a man leaning on the old building of Teléfonos de México in Juarez Avenue. More than leaning, it seems like he’s pushing it. This sculpture was made to honor the engineer Jorge Matute Remus. He is famous because he ‘moved a building’, can you believe it?

The engineer Jorge Matute Remus

This is a very interesting and funny story. In 1927, Guadalajara’s government decided to merge Juarez Avenue with Vallarta Avenue. But to make that possible, they had to demolish several buildings in Mexico City’s downtown (Historic Center).

Matute Remus

However, Telmex’s building got protection and it couldn’t be demolished.

That was how this engineer, ahead of his time, had a creative and risky idea. He said it would be easier to move the building, otherwise a lot of money would be spent on building a new telecommunications center. So he did it!

A hard to believe movement

This building weighted 1700 tons, but that didn’t matter, it was moved 12 meters with the help of a screw jack. This amazing movement was made in 1950, from October 24 to 28. But the most impressive thing is that they moved it while the personnel was still inside!

Matute Remus, the man who moved a building

They say that there were no repercussions on the building and the people didn’t even notice the movement. Thanks to his innovative technique, Jorge Matute Remus became an emblematic character of the 20th century for Guadalajara.

In fact, he’s still very well remembered by his constructions on the metropolitan area in Guadalajara.

Because of this unbelievable achievement, in 2002 his sculpture was revealed outside Teléfonos de México’s building. In addition, there is a hanging bridge that stands out for its modern architecture (one of a kind) with Matute’s name.

Jorge Matute Remus
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Definetly, we will not forget him!

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