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Day of the Dead, All Saints or All Soul’s Day?

In the Day of the Dead mexicans remember and honor their passed loved ones. The festivity takes place on November 1st and 2nd, dates that match with other two catholic celebrations: All Saints Day The Day and All Soul’s Day .

It is never too late to know a little bit more of our customs and traditions. So, here we will explain the difference between these days and their origin.

All Saints Day

All Saints Day

All Saints is a celebration that takes place on November 1st. On this day, churches pray for those deceased that surpassed purgatory and now enjoy eternal life. So, it is very common to see churches exhibit their saint relics.

How did this day originate?

Some people say it was named by the catholic church in the early IV century. There were many martyrs because of the Romans, so the church decided to set up a date to celebrate and honor them. Then, it was Gregory III who chose November 1st.

All Saints Day 2

All Soul’s Day

This is just another way to call the Day of the Dead but this one is celebrated on November 2nd. It is dedicated to all deceased that wander in this world without resting in peace.

As in Mexico we like to celebrate big time and we are not afraid of anything, not even death, we honor it in a big and beautiful way. It may be through our altars, or with festivals, but people enjoy and learn more about this tradition.

All Saints Day 3

There is a legend from the mazahuas, an indigenous ethnicity. They believed that on the Day of the Dead, souls came to visit the living as monarch butterflies. Another version says that the dead traveled on the butterflies’ wings to get to the altars that their families placed specially for them.

Now you know why Day of the Dead is one of the most beautiful traditions in Mexico!

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