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Mezcal de Pechuga, Oaxaca’s treasure

Some studies made by Mexican anthropologists claim that mezcal has been consumed since a long time ago, specifically since 400 B. C. Certanly, in ancient times they used clay pots to distill agave.

Time has marked different ways of producing this beverage, but there is one that embraces all the traditional spirit from Oaxaca. We are talking about chicken breast mezcal.

Mezcal de Pechuga, sacred beverage

This method of distillation is made out of chicken, guajolote (a type of Mexican turkey) or rabbit. It consists of hanging a piece of raw chicken breast inside an alambique during the whole process.

Mezcal de Pechuga 1

Then the chicken meat is cooked by the steam produced at the same time that the agave is being distilled. That’s how mezcal gets a unique flavor of the animal’s spirit, making all the juices soak the final product.

Depending on the time of distillation, the chicken breast mezcal’s final flavor may be similar to a delicious chicken broth soup.

But, why do we talk about the animal’s spirit?

It seems that making this mezcal is a whole ritual. Most of the mezcal masters rather sacrifice old hens due to their short life cycle. Besides, all the process is made with respect for the animal that is giving its spirit in this ancient beverage.

Mezcal de Pechuga 2

When the distillation process is complete, the bird’s body is placed in an altar. This is made as a demonstration of love to the work done and as an offering to achieve a good harvest next year.

The result? A unique texture

The collagen released by this animal protein creates a delicious sensation to the palate that you can’t found in any other type of mezcal. The meat creates a sweet flavor because of grains and other ingredients cooked along side the chicken breast. This gives an amazing touch to this traditional beverage.

Main photo: Animal Gourmet

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