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Pirulí or chupirul, cone of many colors

The great diversity of typical sweets that exist in Mexico are the result of the mixture of cultures. We find them in many shapes, colors and flavors, from the simplest to the most elaborate. One of them is the pirulí or chupirul, a hard candy whose shape and colors are its main distinctive.

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The energy of sugar

Since pre-Hispanic times there have been sweets. These were used to provide a little energy during long trips and were made with fruit pulps, cereals and honey.


Over time new ingredients were introduced from other parts of the world, or some recipes evolved. Thus, honeys began to be replaced by sugar cane and various types of sweeteners were born.

On the other hand, much of the traditional Mexican sweets were born in convents. For this reason, today, the basket of Mexican sweets is extensive and there is something for everyone. Some vary according to the region where they are prepared and some are more famous than others.

Pirulí or chupirul, candy of many colors

What stands out about this lollipop, known as chupirul, is its cone shape and its striking colors. It is also known in other Latin American countries, where it receives other names.

Here you find them of different sizes and are wrapped in cellophane. Of course, it can take several hours to eat it due to its size and hardness.

To make it, mainly sugar is used, which is dissolved in hot water. Then, it is left over heat for 40 minutes (approximately) at high temperatura so that it is on the ball point (state of the syrup). This is how the caramel will form.


This process is done in different saucepans to be able to paint each one with a color. Then a few drops of orange, lemon or strawberry essence are placed and the mixture is stirred.

Subsequently, a cornet is formed with cellophane paper. Here you can glue the tip with a little tape to prevent it from opening. Little by little, the caramel mixes are poured. First one color and after a few seconds, the other is poured.

At the end you will have your lollipop, hard candy full of color.

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