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Trompadas, honey and peanut candy from Guanajuato

The trompadas are a typical sweet that is made in various states of Mexico such as Guanajuato, Chiapas and Oaxaca. They are made with brown sugar piloncillo honey filled with ground peanuts, coconut or cinnamon.

The origin of the horns are uncertain and are related to the tradition of the charamuscas. These sweets are believed to have been made sometime in La Colonia between 1521 and 1810.


Those who make these sweets are known as charamusqueros. Charamuscas became a very popular sweet during Easter. However, after 1950 in Guanajuato, the figures of Las Momias, its main tourist attraction, began to be molded, thus becoming the city’s sweet.

For its part, the trompadas, made with the same caramel of the charamuscas, earned their place as an iconic dessert of the region.

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1 kg of sugar.

125 ml. honey.

1/4 Lt. of brown sugar honey.

125 ml. of water.

2 cups peanuts, peeled

One and a half cups of icing sugar

Filling preparation

Grind the peanuts in the blender. Make sure they are well ground, you can use the ice function in your blender, or just the “grind” option. Then pour the ground peanuts into a bowl and mix with the icing sugar.

If you have a hand blender or mortar, it will be ideal to integrate the ingredients until you have a consistency of very soft plasticine. At this point the filling of your trompadas is ready.


Preparation of the horn

Put the sugar, honey and brown sugar in a bowl. And cook the ingredients over low heat. Don’t forget to move them continuously to verify that the caramel is ready. To know when the mixture is ready, take a teaspoon and drop it into a glass with cold water, if it thunders, it is ready.

You can remove a strip of the mix to decorate your trunks later. But empty the rest of the caramel into a bowl of cold water. Once it cools down a bit, and you can manipulate it with your hands, it is time to place it on the strip that you previously separated and start cutting the strip in the form of blows. Try to leave room for your peanut filling.

Once they cool, put in the peanut filling and enjoy some delicious trompadas.

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