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Tulancingo has everything you need for a pleasant walk

Tulancingo, Hidalgo, is located two hours away from Mexico City. If you travel to this colorful municipality you can enjoy a recreational walk, full of history, traditions and the great gastronomic offer of the area.


It is considered one of the oldest cities in Latin America. It is estimated that its foundation dates back to 645, a. C. Although it is believed that the first founders were the Olmecs, this territory is known as part of the Tula empire and the Toltec civilization.

Tulancingo derives from the Nahua words “Tule or Tular” and “Tzintli”, which means: “In the tular or behind the tule”. Currently it is a city with more than 100 thousand inhabitants and many things to discover.

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What to eat?

In Tulancingo you will not suffer to find good food. We recommend that you try the molotes, a ball of dough usually filled with potato bathed with guajillo chile. However, if there is one dish that characterizes the city, it is turkey. A telerata smeared with refried beans with two comal enchiladas inside.

If you are still hungry after all that, you can rely on the always trustworthy Mexican snacks. Eat some tlacoyos or go for some good ‘barbacoa’ tacos, especially if it’s Thursday, go to the municipal street market. Here you will find the best barbacoa.

What to do in Tulancingo?

Enjoy its architectural wonders, such as the Tulancingo Cathedral or the Church of the Angels. Also check out “The House of the Emperors”, a place where Augustine of Iturbide and Maximilian of Habsburg stayed.

If you are a fan of Mexican wrestling, you will be in the right place. El Santo, the most iconic figure of the Mexican strings, is from Tulancingo and, of course, has his museum. The enclosure has more than 200 pieces on display that show part of the life and work of the “Silver Masked Man”.

But if your thing is history, go to the archaeological zone of Huapalcalco, one of the first and most important Toltec settlements. Be sure to visit the Historical Data Museum, where in addition to the history of the town, you will find exhibitions and photographs of Tulancingo through time.


Crafts is another attraction of Tulancingo. In the traditional tianguis you can find a wide variety of handicrafts with spectacular Otomi designs.

But if what you are looking for is family time, you can spend the afternoon in the El Caracol recreational park, or take a walk in the La Floresta garden.


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