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Poc Chuc, a culinary delight direct from Yucatan

Poc Chuc is a dish originating from the Yucatan peninsula. The word ‘poc’ comes from the Mayan ‘roasting’, while ‘chuc’ means charcoal. Its origin dates back to 1962, when the restaurant “Los Almendros” produced the first poc chuc recipe.

This consisted of salted pork with kabax beans (parboiled) and chiltomate (cooked tomato sauce). In addition to the chiltomate, chopped purple onion and a few drops of orange juice and vinegar were added.

poc chuc

Although its origin is relatively new, poc chuc has become an iconic recipe in the region, nationally and internationally. Currently there are various recipes for poc chuc and it is not restricted only to pork, it is also prepared with some fish such as sea bass or anchovy.

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• 1 kilogram of fillets (preferably thin) of pork

• 4 tomatoes

• 2 large red onions cut into thin slices.

• 50 gr of coriander

• One and a half cups of fresh orange juice

• 1 avocado

• 2 tablespoons of pepper

• 2 tablespoons of oregano

• Salt

• 2 habanero peppers, one cut into thin slices and the other whole.

• 1 cup of refried beans

Preparation of Poc Chuc

Mix the orange juice with the pepper and oregano in a bowl. Then dip the meat and let it marinate for 30 minutes.

You can take that time to prepare the chiltomate, so remove the skin from the tomatoes and blend them for 5 seconds. Once they are ground, place them in a pot over low heat, add salt and cook for 15 minutes.

Then put the whole habanero pepper. Here you must be careful because the chili should not break, remember that the chiltomate is not spicy. Add a little water and let the cooking continue for ten minutes. When it is ready, pour it into a container and continue with the preparation of the poc chuc.

poc chuc

Once the 30 minutes have passed, it is time to season the pork fillets. When they are ready, put a little oil in a frying pan and fry the meat (for a better result do it on a grill). Make sure the fillets are golden brown and add a little of the juice you used to marinate.

Add the onions and the habanero pepper to the container containing the orange juice and let them marinate until required.

It is time to serve. Cut the avocado into thin slices and decorate the plate. Add the coriander, the onion slices and the chili, add the fillet and the garnish of refried beans. Add chiltomate to taste and enjoy a delicious poc chuc.

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