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Tamuín, the archaeological sites in the Huasteca

In San Luis Potosí you can find Tamuín, a municipality that holds the most important archaeological sites of the Huasteca Potosina.

Over time, the name of this place has been written in different ways. Some examples are: Tamui, Tamuche, Tamuchi, Tam-Ohin, Tam-Huinic. Also, Tamuyn, Tamohi, Tamnoc, etc. Similarly, the meanings vary, as some say it means “place of Catán” or “place of mosquitoes.” Many others believe that it translates as “Place of the book of knowledge”.


According to writings of 1793, the Franciscan religious Fr. Cristóbal Herrera Alcorcha describes it as “Tamud or Tamuín Sanctuary”. Here there are beautiful natural landscapes and a big part of the population is indigenous.

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Archaeological sites of the ‘Huasteca’ culture

As we said at the beginning, in Tamuín we can find several important archaeological sites for the Huasteca culture. Likewise, one of them is “El Consuelo”, a ranchería to the south of the municipality and close to San Vicente Tancuayalab.

Very close to this site, there is Tzintzin-Tzujub, inside the ranch “El Huracán” and it shelters a quadrangular pyramid. Another area is Tantoc, with geometric pyramids that is on the border with the municipality of Valles.

In addition, there is a representative sculpture called “Huaxteca teenager”. Which, due to his characteristics, where the muscles are not marked, he seems to be a young man with a deformed head.


More tourism in Tamuín

Among the attractions of this place is the Taninul Spa, which is located on the border with the municipality of Valles. This recreational center has hotels where national and international tourists come to relax in its sulphurous springs.

Regarding the typical crafts of Tamuín, there is the wickerwork. To have a good meal, we recommend the huastecas enchiladas, the ‘barbacoa’. The jerky and the chayote sweet. Also its popular drinks are jobo wine and cane brandy.

Tamuín is located to the east of San Luis Potosí and the most popular festivals occur at Easter. Go and visit!


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