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Merengueros, a sweet tradition in Mexico

Before, it was common to see merengueros at street corners, at fairs. It was also very common to hear them shout ¡Hay Merengues! in a very particular way as they toured neighborhoods. But little by little we see less. Could it be that they will be forgotten?

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Merengueros profile

It seems to many that meringues have a very cloying flavor. However, the merengue tradition goes beyond its flavor, thanks to the owners of this profession, the merengueros.


The merengueros are distinguished because they carry a table with all kinds of meringues on their hands. From those that go in a glass with colored sparks to the filled rolls, known as gourds. In addition, there are the classic meringues wrapped in a piece of paper. Of course, the board should have a protective plastic on top to avoid contaminating or approaching insects.

In addition, there was a tradition that was lost over time,  ‘el volado’, have you heard of it? Basically, the idea was to make a kind of bet with a coin to see if you could get any kind of discount. In this way they were more appealing, although it was not always the most convenient.

These men went here and there on a work schedule of sometimes 12 hours a day. A few years ago they were heard yelling every day of the week, but from a time here sales fell. Thus, we hear them less and less, we see them on the streets and they sell fewer days a week.

A profession in oblivion?

One of the reasons is that before several generations were dedicated to the merengue trade. Currently, that is no longer transmitted and even recipes are being lost.

On the other hand, it is not only going out to sell the meringues, it is preparing them; and the recipe takes time. When preparing the meringue, you must mix egg whites and sugar to the point of nougat, then they are baked. Some add a little pulque to give them the traditional flavor and improve their consistency. While what refers to the gourds, is to prepare some thin sheets of flour. It takes about three hours to prepare your merchandise.


Although they are less merengueros nowadays, those who still continue to put their hearts into this profession. Meringue is still consumed because it is a dessert that kids and adults love for its sweetness and consistency. So it is important to support them so that the tradition does not end.


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