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Traveling photographer, witness of the past

After the invention of the camera and before the technological era, there was someone who portrayed special moments. This is the traveling photographer, a highly sought-after profession for many years. Today we take out our phone or camera and take hundreds of photos of a single event. But it wasn’t like that before.

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Office that immortalized our memories

When cameras began to exist, some families bought them to capture important events of Mexican families. This is how traveling photographers were born.

Traveling Photographer
Douglas Armijos/Andes

Years ago it was common to see them walking the streets to offer their service, especially from the 1920s to the 1940s. Of course it was not a small camera as we know them today, but they carried a huge device.

Every family reunion or in small town and city parties, the moment of photography was the most special thing. This was the memory of such an important occasion. Evidence of an unforgettable date. Therefore, photographers were in great demand during festivals, baptisms, and weddings. Even, they also attended funerals to capture that sad moment.

Sometimes the traveling photographers also loaded stage sets with the idea of ​​offering their clients more fun photos.

Does the profession of traveling photographer still exist?

Still, in our days, there is a small record of these individuals in our country. But, if something is true, it is that this tradition is being forgotten. In fact, many had to change professions.

Traveling photographer

However, without them, we would have no records of events, characters, places, or events that occurred in the past. In addition, his profession sparked interest in becoming involved in other professions related to photography. Without their noble work we would have no evidence of what Mexican families were like years ago. Well, many of these photos are found today in ethnographic museums in the country.

It is now easier to acquire a camera, take pictures and store memories. But we must not forget those who began to capture them.

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