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Sunflower sanctuary for bees is built in Oaxaca

Farmers and peasants created a sanctuary with around 200,000 sunflower blossoms in the Oaxaca municipality of Tututepec. This way, they aim bees to collect pollen from chemical-free flowers.

These plantations occupy a corridor of three hectares. Thus, what was a sad and dry landscape became a yellow field full of life. All with the aim of saving the bees and supporting the insects in their pollinating mission.

And, as you know, the bees are in danger of disappearing, which would be really serious for the planet as most of the agricultural products we consume depend on pollinators like them.


Among the main reasons are climate change, intensive agriculture and pesticides. The latter causes them to die immediately, or, upon returning to the hive, they contaminate it and end up leaving it. This was explained by Ricardo González, an agricultural engineer from the Chapingo University, who guides the project along with other researchers.

Another reason of their risk of extinction is that the flowers they feed on are replaced by other crops.

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Unique sanctuary in the world

For this reason, the idea of ​​this sanctuary for bees was born, which is located in the Llanos del Espinal.

Sunflower is a flowers native to Central and North America, which are used for the extraction of edible oil. And they chose it because it adapts well to variable climate conditions and helps renew the land.


To maintain the sanctuary, the flowers will be sold as soon as the flowering stage is over. In this way, it is sought that with a minimum profit it also supports farm workers.

This sanctuary could be a hope for our pollinating friends and for the rest of the world.


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