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Honey ants exist, and are found in San Luis Potosí

In Mexico, not only the small bees are in charge of carrying and producing honey. But also the famous honey ant from San Luis Potosí. Although it sounds somewhat difficult to believe, this is completely true. Well, the honey ants are real and they are found in this beautiful place in Mexico.

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Honey ants

Scientifically known as ‘Myrmecocystus mexicanus’, this species of ant is characterized by its ability to store nectar in its abdomen. The worker ants swell their abdomen with the nectar supplied by the other ants.

Honey ants

Honey ants usually inhabit the hot, dry regions of the planet. But especially and specifically they are seen and found in our country. The most known are in San Luis Potosí. And in this place some families continue with the pre-Hispanic tradition of collecting honey, through ants.

This honey produced by these insects is used to treat swollen ears. In addition to mouth infections and to control the fever of the children.

The recollection of honey

This ancient and traditional work is not easy, since the collector has to respect the life of the ants as much as possible.

First, the collectors have to identify the nests, these are already located by tradition. However, before conducting the scan, managers will need to auscultate the nest. This to know if they have found honey.

Honey ants

For this step a green branch is used and it is removed little by little. And depending on the sound that is produced, it will be known if they have found the precious honey.

In this way, they will open the nests of the ants until they find the chambers where the honey insects are deposited. Finally, to extract the liquid, a maguey thorn is used, in this way the spherical membrane is carefully perforated not to harm the ant.

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