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unpublished letter

Unpublished letter written by Zapata, a historical value

The university ‘Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México’ released an unpublished letter written by Emiliano Zapata. In fact, the manuscript is a letter addressed to the secretary of the Liberating Army’s headquarter, Manuel Palafox Ibarrola.

unpublished letter

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What does the letter say?

The letter is dated March 1918 and has over 149 words. According to the investigations, the letter handwritten by the south’s revolutionary leader. The note is brief, Palafox is asked to deliver the laws to the bearers and other important documents such as the Ayala Plan and the Zapatista Agrarian Law.

“It is a piece of great historical and cultural value, that shows a character interested in the rescue of historical documents; calligraphy and signature are collated. ”

Rosario Páez Flores, responsible for the document’s investigation.


This article is part of the “Álvaro Obregón” Archive. However, some time ago the document was sent to Morelos, which was where the caudillo headquarters were located. It is thought that Zapata wanted to recover those documents. Because of the political differences he already had with the secretary of the headquarters.

unpublished letter

“The excitement of knowing the writing of Emiliano Zapata and his signature is fantastic. I know the manuscripts, the typology of the document; when I saw the calligraphy my skin bristled. That document has passed from hand to hand, to imagine that General Zapata had it and signed it excites me even more. Just like having that contact 100 years later. ”

Rosario Páez

You still have time to see it!

Currently, the letter is located in the “Emiliano Zapata” Fund. In the same way, it is exhibited in the framework of the commemoration of Emiliano Zapata’s centenary anniversary. Also for the 109th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

If you wish to see the letter, it will be on display until December 6 in the lobby of the BNM Reserved Fund, in the University Cultural Center. Free entrance.

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