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Tunnel created by Moctezuma, hidden treasures

A tunnel created by Moctezuma I itself was found in the Albarradón in Ecatepec. It is an alley that measures 8.4 meters long and contains eleven pre Hispanic images before the conquest. And, it is without a doubt, full of enigmas and hidden treasures.

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It had been hidden for 600 years

This discovery is part of an archeological conservation project for over 15 years. According to archaeologists, their objective was to determine areas linked to the construction systems of the San Cristóbal Causeway, Albarradón de Ecatepec. Currently, the area is under construction to build Line 4 of the Mexibus.


Thus, the importance of this tunnel lies in its location, the time it remained hidden, and the fact that it was built by Moctezuma, considered an Aztec emperor who strengthened the empire. Above all, the economic, social and political aspects are important as well.

A tunnel full of mysteries and enigmas

Researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) explain that the tunnels could be related with Tláloc, god of water and fertility. This is because in the arch of the tunnel there are carved images of a teocalli or temple. In addition, it has three lobes in its upper part, which resembles raindrops.

Similarly, wooden beams of a gate were located on the west side of the tunnel.


They also found filling materials from various eras. Some of them from the colonial era such as fragments of glass, porcelain and majolica. As well as a metate and remains of some statues, a decapitated sculpture and the base of a human effigy made in basalt.

Although, until now, they have managed to only identify the entrance of this new archaeological zone, they are doing proper research. So there are still many mysteries to be unearthed in this tunnel built over 600 years ago. Surely, it houses more treasures from one of the greatest civilizations.

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